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We assist international organizations and ad agencies in reaching multicultural audiences through quality translations of marketing communications.

clients & projects:

Amperage Marketing, USA
Translation of marketing brochures from English to Spanish

Fuzzy Logix, USA
Translation of marketing brochures from English to French & German

Federici Brands LLC, England & USA
Product label translation from English to French

Gothic Landscape, USA
Translation of workplace training materials from English to Spanish

Video Script & Story board translation from English to Spanish

TMI Strategies , USA
English to Spanish translations of SMS texts on early child development and learning from Vroom

Advert International & Hatch San Francisco, USA
Brand name evaluation across 20 language/markets

HHL Advertising, USA
Translation of direct mail flyer from English to Spanish

IPFS Corporation Insurance Premium Financing, USA
Translation of marketing brochures from English to Spanish

trueVGD.com USA
Print Ad and TV spot story board translation from English to Spanish

ALDEN Marketing Communications, USA
Company name evaluation in 11 languages for global use

K Street Partners, USA
Translation of mailers/medical brochures from English to Spanish

The escape pod agency, USA
Translation of mailers from English to Spanish

View Point Health, USA
Translation of brochure from English to Spanish

Bay Area Hospitalist Associates, USA
Transliteration of American names and translation of a brochure from English to Chinese (Mandarin)

Richard Wolf , USA
Translation of Medical Instrument Guide from English to Spanish

eMoney Advisor, USA
Translation of App pages English to Spanish & Transcreation of relevant headlines.

San Antonio Credit Union, USA
Translation of radio commercial script from English to Spanish.

Balance Financial Fitness Program, USA
Localization of forms and training materials from English to Spanish & Tagalog.

M Partners, USA
Localization of mailers from English to Vietnamese and Simplified Chinese.

Sovereign Brands, USA
Translation of Flyer from English to Spanish for Hispanic audience in US.

Direct Response materials, translated to Amharic, Arabic, Burmese and French.

Winkle, The Netherlands
Translation of product feature descriptions into Chinese/Mandarin.

Happen, London, UK
Transcreation of 14 creative concepts into Dutch.

Figure 1, Canada
Translation of app into French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Bartle Bogle Hegarty, USA
Transcreation of tagline into 9 language/market combinations.

The Miracle League, USA
Translation of brochure & registration form. English to Spanish.

Eargo, USA
Name Evaluation for new product introduction in 23 language/market combinations.

Evergreen Home Loans, USA
Translation of flyers.  English to Spanish.

Shaker, USA
Transcreation of print ads and radio scripts. English to Spanish.

CurrenCSF, USA
Translation of mobile billboards. English to Spanish & Cantonese.

Brand name assessment across 4 Asian language/country pairs.

Eurovisie Eyewear, The Netherlands
Creative copy for a marketing brochure for the US market. English.

Stanton and Everybody, USA
Transceation of advertising headlines and radio commercial scripts. English to Spanish.

RW-WestMcDonalds, USA
Transcreation of print and out-of-home executions for McDonalds’s NV campaign. English to Spanish.

Letizia Mass Media, USA
Transcreation of TV commercial script for financial services provider. English to Spanish.

Kobo Inc., Canada
Global name assessment of multiple brand names across 19 language/country pairs.

American Metal Market (AMM), USA
Brochure translation and design for Chinese market. English to Chinese.

Lingua brand, UK
Theme validation for World Cup related brand campaign. Brazilian Portuguese.

Prime Gaming, Cyprus
Translation of website and online advertising content. English to 12 different languages.

Mullen, USA
Transcreation of advertising concepts for global campaign pitch. English to French.

Lambie Nairn, UK
Tagline and brand name exploration for leading hotel provider. French.

Souhegan, USA
Website translation. Chinese to English.