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Language services

Because words matter
(especially in advertising)

Branded Trans­la­tions helps orga­ni­za­tions reach mul­ti­cul­tural audi­ences by effectively translating their marketing communications.  Unlike other translation agencies, it’s all we do. We understand that advertising copy is different from a technical or legal document. Words need to resonate with the same persuasive effect as the original text.

Translation Services

Translation service for marketing and advertising communications. Our linguists are specialized, experienced and thoroughly briefed for every project.

Transcreation / Creative Adaption

Transcreation is the creative adaptation of advertising and marketing copy in a foreign language. We make sure that the localized copy is as relevant and persuasive as the original.

Brand Name Evaluation

Complete international name assessment and reporting for new brands, product names and tag-lines. A quick and relatively inexpensive process to test new names before launch.


We work with translators and copywriters around the world to translate into the most common languages. Click title to see complete list.


While we can translate any document, our specialty is creative copy. Whether it’s a brochure, website, video script or entire campaign – we’ve got you covered.

Quality Control

We leave nothing to chance. Linguists are thoroughly briefed and every translation gets a second review.