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Brand name testing

Global brand and product name evaluation

Before launching a brand in a foreign market it is important to understand how it will be perceived internationally. Language and cultural differences may give an unexpected meaning to a well-intended name or tagline.

A comprehensive review, across international markets

At Branded Translations we offer the language and branding expertise to assess any name or tagline quickly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary challenges later on. We tap into our global network of experienced linguists to get the local feedback that is critical in such evaluation. Whether it’s a company brand, product name, campaign theme or slogan, we can help to:

  • evaluate if and how the name will resonate with your audience;
  • reveal any negative meanings, connotations or possible interpretations;
  • determine if localization is needed for any of the target markets.
Naming exploration and localization

For a new name or tagline with potential international exposure, we can execute a full naming exploration.  Based on agreed naming criteria we work with our global network of copywriters to develop and/or assess the options. Final recommendations are presented in a complete report, ready for internal and trademark evaluation.

Free consultation

For more information or an open conversation about your global brand objectives, please give us a call at +1-702-988-6501 x801 or email to info@brandedtranslations.com.