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Transcreation is the creative adaptation of marketing, sales and advertising copy in the target language. It involves changing both words and meaning of the original copy while keeping the attitude and desired persuasive effect.

Advertising transcreation services

At Branded Translations we specialize in transcreation. We work with linguists and copywriters that are native speakers in the target language and experienced in the adaptation of advertising copy.

The process of transcreation is more time-consuming and creative than a direct translation. We invest time to understand your brand, brief the linguist on the communication objectives and explore ways to best convey the message. Every transcreation is reviewed by at least one other linguist and/or copywriter to assure accuracy, cultural relevance and creative excellence. If applicable, we include options and back translations. The end product is an adapted advertising message that is as effective and persuasive as the original.

We work with both ad agencies and marketing departments. Whether you need help with a headline or an entire campaign, we will be happy to assist you. Have a look at our sample creative or contact us directly for more information.